Volunteer for Sankalp


Voluntary Organisation

Sankalp is a voluntary organisation in an absolute sense. Everyone here works because they want to work.

The Volunteers

Sankalp volunteers are a mixed blend of college students and professionals. All of them work for Sankalp beyond the regular work that they do for a living/learning.


Sankalp does not have any formal registration process. People can just join in and begin to work. You can get in touch with us here to get started.

What Work Does Sankalp Do?

Sankalp has 'n' threads of activity going on in parallel throughout the year. It is difficult to say what work will suit a person best. Normally people who join the organisation are invited to attend a few Weekly meetings which give a bird’s eye view of work and enable the person to choose the task.

Who Assigns Work?

No one assigns work in Sankalp. People opt for doing things. If the volunteer remains silent, he/she is likely to receive little work. You get to choose as much as you like and at the pace that you like.

What is the Team Structure?

Being an organisation doing multiple activities at a time, we have logical units called Projects/Teams which take care of specific work. There is a Team In charge who is responsible for the overall working of the Team. A person can be a part of one or more team depending on their interest and the work that they do.

What is the reward for volunteering for the organisation?

  • The only reward, recognition or appreciation the organisation offers to the volunteers is the opportunity to do more work! The more a person puts in sincere effort, the more eligible is the person to get more critical work.

  • Sankalp Volunteers are NOT recognized for working in any way other than as explained above. They are prohibited to make use of their work in Sankalp to impress a person or influence a decision in their favour.


  • Sankalp work goes on 24 hours every single day of a calendar year. Having said that, different tasks have different work schedules. Based on the availability of the person, they can choose appropriate suitable tasks.

  • Sankalp strongly recommends that volunteers attend the Weekly Meeting! Look for details below.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly meeting is one of the biggest strengths of the organisation. The agenda for the weekly meeting is to

  • All the teams provide an update of their activity.

  • Have project specific meeting deciding the tasks, goals, objectives, problems etc.

  • Bring up any concerns and queries.

  • Be in sync with what is happening across the organisation.

  • Participate in group activities that are needed to strengthen the organisation.

  • Knowledge sharing and training.

These are just a few of the things that are done in the Weekly Meetings.

Call 9880132850 if you plan to come to the meeting.

What if I am not in Bangalore or if I can't make it to Weekly meetings?

Not being able to attend the Sunday meetings alone does not stop you from being able to work for the organisation. The organisation has a high degree of work that can be done remotely at a person's own convenience and it is possible to have a volunteer take those up. However we still recommend that the volunteer attends the periodic meetings so that they are clear about the organizational goals and ideas.


Sankalp has its own internal online communication platforms and groups in order to enable effective exchange of ideas. Once the person attends a Sankalp Meeting and express their interest in volunteering for the organisation, they are plugged into these communication platforms appropriately.


Sankalp does not care about the individual skills and abilities as much as it does about commitment and sincerity. All that is needed is the willingness to work with the organisation. The organisation has robust internal training and skill building programmes.

Who do I contact for more information?

Use this form: Request for Volunteering.

Work Culture and Ethics

Sankalp has a very unique work culture that has very high regard for

  • transparency

  • good communication

  • teamwork

  • pro-activity

  • reliability

  • quality

A person would take only as much work as they like, but the execution of the task is expected to be done with these factors in mind. The organisation, though small, is committed to high standards and we want people who have good regard for the above factors onboard!

Deeper Insight

When asked what motivates you to work for Sankalp the volunteers came up with the following responses in the internal feedback process.

  • Thought of my contribution back to the Motherland
  • Work and Culture
  • The momentary satisfactions, (while conducting or attending a camp or meeting people) and knowing what impact it creates, personally motivates me to work at Sankalp.
  • Work, or my job. Love it
  • The work itself
  • The work
  • The cause and the thirst to learn more.
  • The work. The dreams. The cause.
  • "Broad picture that tells the ultimate aim of the organization. And the feeling that I am not a complainer now,but the performer."
  • the cause for which we are working
  • Senior's talk .
  • I get opportunities to do things that i have never done before, this motivates me to work.
  • Senior's support
  • Every small success in my tasks
  • The work itself. And also the cause which we are working for.

More Information and Reads

The following is the list of pages on this site which you may want to read if you are interested in volunteering with the organisation:

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