What is the first phrase that comes to your mind when you hear about Sankalp?

Submitted by rajat on Fri, 25-Apr-2008 - 14:23

Let's see what all comes up here :)

Submitted by Jayesh on Fri, 25-Apr-2008 - 15:23


First line that comes to my mind is:

"Its Not Bed of Roses" Image removed.

Submitted by Lisha on Fri, 25-Apr-2008 - 17:42


I usually get either of the two, depending on the situation. 

The first thing that comes to mind is "Its not a bed of roses" (as mentioned)

The other line is "....Feelings alone do not make a difference, actions do". 

Submitted by ullasmb on Fri, 25-Apr-2008 - 18:57


finding a solution to a problem .

Submitted by amitsedai on Fri, 25-Apr-2008 - 21:19


When I tell someone: Youth Based Voluntary Organization

I think of it as : An opportunity 

Submitted by prabha on Sat, 26-Apr-2008 - 11:37


"Lets Give life a Better Chance"

Submitted by rmourya1 on Wed, 30-Apr-2008 - 23:20


Work can be fun if you want it to..

ya a bit different but that's it.. Do what you want to do in Sankalp:)