What is it that people will like to know about?

Submitted by rajat on Thu, 30-Mar-2006 - 10:25

What is it about blood donation that should be told to satisfy people's queries?
Please feel free to express yourself

Submitted by ankita on Thu, 30-Mar-2006 - 12:54


- its safe to donate blood. - it doesnt take much time. - its doesnt have any bad effect to health - blood can be donated 4 times a year - one can donate it in any standard blood bank(a list of std blood bank should be given) - also one can donate in camps organised by know prganisation - how it can save more that one live? - different components of blood. - precautions to be taken before and after donation.

Submitted by sarica on Wed, 26-Apr-2006 - 13:38


Before giving any information, the person should be told that he has an opportunity to save a life,and then the information as given by ankita should be told.