Why can we make difference?

Submitted by rajat on Tue, 08-May-2007 - 10:25

One question for all of us. Why do you feel we can change the blood scenario in Bangalore? What makes you feel we can do it?

Submitted by vibha on Tue, 08-May-2007 - 19:51


The only thing which makes me feel confident enough to say I can change the blood scenario in Bangalore is my decision to change it. And this decision is strongly supported by my willingnes to go for it.

I think the past results Sankalp has given is very good. And looking the way we are going I am sure we are going to set new goals soon. As everyone knows, we will be able to call "MSR Blood Bank" an IDEAL BLOOD BANK very soon. And I see the day when in same way we can have many such blood banks and Bangalore would be identified for the cause.

Submitted by amitsedai on Wed, 09-May-2007 - 17:09


I do not have a precise answer. Maybe its our belief that we can do it. Maybe it is a hope that we see things change.Maybe its the power in all of us who dream to make it happen, the persistence and to fight till we make it. Above all it maybe the sense of responsibility we have towards our society,our country and the innate potential to go beyond limits.

Submitted by tejasvi.adiga on Fri, 11-May-2007 - 11:33


We are a group of mad people filled with lots of determination.. so i believe that we can change the scenario in Bangalore..

Submitted by chayan on Fri, 11-May-2007 - 19:34


I guess because we have a aim, a mission in life to help ppl in the city n i guess the hard work and dedication towards the organization shown by our volunteers makes me feel we definately can do it...

I would say better have aim and objective for yourself and work for it. Rest all will fall in line. Believe yourself than believing others.

Submitted by shweta on Wed, 16-May-2007 - 14:03


We see a problem.... It caught our attention, infact needed our attention.... We have the solution to the problem.... And most of all we WANT to CHANGE the present blood scenario in bangalore... We have the conviction... We won't stop until we achieve it... And I believe- WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY. So I believe we can change it...

Submitted by souravroy on Tue, 09-Nov-2010 - 16:31


When I think as an individual, I see a cause. 'I' am working for it, that's my privilege! 'I' can do it, because I believe I can. When I think as 'we', this entire feeling RESONATES! I know that I am working alongside the best people who can glorify the cause better than anyone else in this world! That's the beauty of it :)

Submitted by ritesh on Wed, 10-Nov-2010 - 07:07


We saw a problem 7 years back. We also saw a potential solution to it. The solution today consists of creating awareness among the youth and creating a process in the blood donation related activities in Bangalore. And I believe that this is possible. We can do it. We are gradually tackling the problem in the right manner and one day it will be solved in Bangalore.