As a common man, what is it that any Individual can do for the Nation?

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Every individual has the ability to bring in Revolutions, but it is just that we do not want to act. A recent comment which was posted on topic What is the most important issue that India faces today? said, everyone is waiting for a Messiah.

So what do you think, that you can do for your Motherland being the common-man you are?

Submitted by rajat on Tue, 16-Dec-2008 - 13:21


The silence on this forum speaks volumes. I am confused on what to believe and what to infer. Here are the three broad ideas that come to my mind: Do we feel it is not our business: Either there is a feeling in the people that they are not the ones who can or who should be doing anything for the nation. That we have accepted the fact that we are there just to live for ourselves and there are some other people who need to work for the nation. Or are we confused on what we can do: The other thought is that we do want to work for our nation but we do not way which way to go. We are not clear on how we can be the agent of change and make things better for our country. Or that we know: Or that we are clear on what we can do for this great nation. But there is some factor that keeps us from either doing it or actually discussing it. :)