What is the most important issue that India faces today?

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In recent days, the newspapers are brimming with happening news. I gotta hear about UFOs and of Kashmir, about Bombs and Scandals, I heard about Bunds and about Demand for States, and someone speaks about Kabul and also about Nuclear Deals.. And yes not to forget the singers who are no more and the OSO cases..

I was wondering if we really cadre about all of this. If we really have any opinion other than on the lunch tables.

So here it is. If you were supposed to name one issue that you think deserves the maximum attention in the country, what would it be?

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I have a tie between two issues in my mind!

What is happening in Kashmir right now relating to the Land row and the firing along the border seems to me as a very big threat for decades of work done to streamline the Kashmiri people to the mainland. All this drama may erode away the feeling of oneness that was gradually taking roots. And yes, the bombings and the terror threat are a WAKE UP CALL! for the entire nation. We need to do something really fast to prevent a major disaster.

To me, it is the destruction of nature by Human beings which is the most important issue faced by the whole world(not only India). Just look around and the proof is everywhere! The jungles and trees are being cut everywhere and new concrete jungles are coming up every day. Many species are completely extinct and many other are on the verge of extinction. During your childhood, Most of you would have seen the little sparrows flying in plentiful in villages. Do you remember when was the last time you saw even a single one of them! The butterflies which you would have run behind; where are they gone! The mighty tiger (and many other wild animals) which once enjoyed its natural habitat and were in plentiful are now can be counted in fingers - Kept in Zoos. And may be in future, we might tell our grand children that once upon a time there was a species called tiger and butterflies and sparrows, and they might wander how these would have looked! The list is endless! The ever detoriating weather every year wants us to see and realise but human race is too busy digging its gold mines. Running selfishly! Destroying everything else around! Very often it is said that, SAVE TREES - SAVE EARTH. Rubbish! Man is just not capable enough to destroy earth. Earth has seen and faced many hardships, asteroids,comets collisions, many kind of lives in its millions of years of life and will continue to see life long after man is gone. Yes man can destroy himself and all other life on this earth but not earth -Never. It is we, the humans and other life forms who are in danger and and it is this issue which I consider is the most important issue the whole world is facing today - THE DESTRUCTION OF NATURE AND LIFE ON EARTH.

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All of the country's problem can b solved if the politicians do their for which they have been elected by the people!!

Take in the Raj Thackeray issue or take the bombings,take it corruption or take any issue we face these policitans never want to SOLVE them but just comment on them cmmment on them and comment of them!! The Action is very less!!!We need LEADERS who can bring in that CHANGE to be there!!! When openly policical parties are giving ticket to members wh have corruption charges when openly media ,which I feel is there only for making money and nothing else ,portray them as Heroes and discuss and discuss!!

There is tooooo much of talking no body wants to SOLVE the problem!!!!

All problems can only be solved if we have that LEADERSHIP!!!=

Jai Hind


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if the stress lies on the word "today" in the question, i would take it like, its over a period of 6months-1year!

n the most annoying thing would be "Inflation"

I got to read somewhere over the web, "if every country in the world is going bankrupt, facing inflation, then where does all the money go!!?".

I wonder if somebody went throwing them all over in an ocean or what!

demand for the most unavailable things and supply of the vastly available things. No money, job cuts, lay offs and wotnot!!

and as somebody here pointed out on the Indian politics, now I dont have even an ounce of hopes on these political leaders in our country! I just pray atleast Obama would be able to bring in the "change, we need"!!

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Try and still keep at least a quarter of ounce of hope still alive. It is all that we may have looking into the future. We are, eventually, talking about the people who decide the fate of our nation.

although i may be most disappoiinted with the Leadership but the HOPE is definately there...Our countries strenghth is our Culture!!!

It is said in Geetha that Good will Prevail over Evil!!This will definately happen !!!

Will just keep contributing to the change in the smallest way possible !!!

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Terror - terror- terror -terror - terror

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One very important issue today is that most people are waiting for a messiah! They are waiting with clasped hands for someone who will come and set all things right. They are contributing to the bringing in of the messiah by cribbing and feeling disgusted about the state of affairs. They are hoping for someone to act on their dreams and make them come true. They are denying having any involvement in the things happening around them. They are not responsible for the bad - nor will they be willing to accept the responsibility for getting the good in place. They are not responsible for anything at all. At most they are the helpless victims crying out for help .. or still better they are the empowered critics who can make use of the pens and the electronic media to unleash the truth. Yes unleash the truth - but that is it! Just unleash it and wait. Wait for the messiah to realise the truth and then act! They are there to cheer. They are there to clap. They are there to sear and hate and love and do everything except working for the solution. The world should be set right in the blink of an eye! After Mumbai Terror Attack I have come seen a sudden unrest. It is a good sign! What is bad about it is the way the unrest is being leaked out. One of my friends has a beautiful status message: "We WANT REVOLUTION! .. or a sandwich!" "XYZ aage badho - hum tumharay saath hain"