Any question on Sankalp Finance???

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I am starting this forum for all you have any queries regarding the Sankalp Finance. What are the source of Income for Sankalp? What are the expense Sankalp incurred per month, last year? Is Sankalp provide income tax benefit to its donor?

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Submitted by sunildhimal on Tue, 19-May-2009 - 17:41


Sir,I would like to know about the expense that Sankalp made last year?Are there any funding groups other than volunteer's contribution?If the a/c balance of Sankalp goes low,what do we do??Has this kind of situation come earlier??

Submitted by Jayesh on Wed, 20-May-2009 - 12:30

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Good to see first post in this forum, Here are answer to your queries. 1, We are on way to have a dedicated section in the this website. Which will give u r the all the info related to Sankalp Finance. It will also have expense of previous year. Just wait and watch. 2, There are other group of individual who can contribute to Sankalp other than Sankalp volunteer. They are Sankalp friends. TO give you context Sankalp friends is one who is touch by the sankalp work and couse but due ot personal reason are not able to work as other volunteer. 3, We have a Sankalp budget sheet where we predict the expense of coming one year. This help us to surprises in finance term. We take proactive step to maintain the minimum money with Sankalp account. Yes, we have faced problem of similar nature in past. That time senior volunteer fills the gap.