What is so special about the new year?

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New year is around the corner. One question that comes back to me each time in this season is what exactly is so special about the new year. Thought it would be interesting to know what does new year mean to each one of us.

Submitted by rajat on Thu, 30-Dec-2010 - 22:10


I know of poeple who are very frequently in contact with evenryone they like/love/respect - basiocally the people who matter to them. Then I know more people like myself who think.. think  and think more about poeple but on very few occasions actually call.

New year is just another occasion for the static to give way to some expressions.. A chance to tell them that you care.. A chance to wish .. to greet .. to share some memories of the past and tune in to the present..

What I definitely miss is th era of paper greeting cards. I am not one of those who preserved them all properly, but the joy of receiving one was immense.