Ah! Not for idle Hatred
Not for Honour, Fame ,
Nor self Applause
But for the glory of the cause
You did
What will not be forgot.

In Lahore Central Jail, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev gave away their lives for us.

23rd March,2006: 75 years after their supreme sacrifice do we have a minute to think about what they did and why?

As the sun sets on the evening of 22nd March, we plan to organize a Candle March. Starting at MG Road (Mahatma Gandhi's Statue), this march will not only commemorate the occasion, remember them and introspect

Also on 23rd march we will have the street play on different sites of the city as on
1, M S R I T
2, Vidhan Soudha
3, Gardua Mall

Call 9880132850 for further details
The Programme Brochure (pdf)
The Poster (pdf)
The Card (pdf)
Personal targets for Volunteers
And the Views of Participants

Sankalp Unit


Submitted by pooja on Sat, 13-May-2006 - 16:42


Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev ,Rajguru were only 24 years when they were hanged. They gave up their lives for their dream of free ,democratic and secular India.And yet today our Indian society is ravaged by the poison of fundamentalism, communal hatred, injustice and corruption.. .........HAVE WE BETRAYED THEIR SACRIFICE?????