Event Log for Project Prayas

Please find the Event Log for Project Prayas!


Submitted by rajat on Thu, 12-Jul-2012 - 02:00


Sankalp India Foundation has decided to initiate Project Prayas: Relief for the flood Affected Assam.

  • The organisation has dispatched a team of 2 volunteers from West Bengal and Sikkim for Jorhat
  • Communication lines with the people in the affected areas and those who  ahve been providing relief so far have been opened
  • Public announcement for contributions and patricipation has been made
  • Teams have been constituted to provide logistics and support to the field team. Control Centre has been initiated

All the best! to all of us.

Submitted by rajat on Thu, 12-Jul-2012 - 08:47


While the field team is moving towards Jorhat the following are the updates:

  • The confirmation for the first contribution for Project Prayas is in.
  • A total of 11 volunteers have been deployed for the Project
  • The objective for the day are to mobilse contributions besides drawing up specifics for the field team to act upon.

Next update at 4:00 PM

Submitted by prabha on Fri, 13-Jul-2012 - 09:12


1. Field Team Volunteers moved ahead from Guwahathi.
2. Weather to remain cloudy - Chances of thunderstorm and rain. If rain continues then river level will rise again.
3. Approximately Rs. 75,000/- have been pledged for the Flood Relief. Thank you for all your contributions.
4. Within the next 72 hours we will finalize a strategy on the materials to be purchased and delivered.

Next update at 10:00PM

Submitted by prabha on Fri, 13-Jul-2012 - 14:01


  • Field Team reached Jorhat district of Assam which is greatly affected by floods.
  • We are networking with Oxfam India, Goonj and AmeriCares India (other organizations at the field) to have better understanding about the affected areas and how we can provide relief immediately.
  • Total of Rs.81889/- has been pledged for the Flood Relief as of 1:00PM today. Thank you for all your contributions.

Submitted by prabha on Fri, 13-Jul-2012 - 23:22


Majuli is the world's biggest river island which is accessible only through ferries from Jorhat. This is the town which our team will be visiting tomorrow. Since ferry is available only between 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM the team could not proceed onwards today. The island was close to being submerged few days back. The extent of damage and the need for relief will be studied tomorrow.
If you have not already decided upon making your contibution, please do it now. Tomorrow evening once we have the inputs from the field team and with the estimation of available funds we will decide on the relief strategy. The more funds we have at that stage, the more elaborate will be the relief process.
Total funds pledged till now: Rs98,399/-

Submitted by prabha on Sat, 14-Jul-2012 - 16:39


Sankalp India Foundation's field team has visited the worst flood affected division of Majuli in Jorhar District of Assam. The following is the need assessment from them:
  • It is an agricutural belt which got badly submerged. Homes and sources of livelihood destroyed. People have moved to embankments and road sides.
  • Government has provided small dry ration packets several times. Food is not a problem.
  • The volunteers found medical camps in the area giving free treatment. Medicines is not a problem.
  • The Sub-dividional officer asked for Tarpoulins. He said that 5000 tarpoulins were committed to one week back but they did not come.
  • People in the village of SALMARA too suggested that what they needed the most was tarpoulins.
The final assessment of the need is that as many tarpoulins as possible should be organised and sent to Majuli. Under the guidance of SDO they should be distributed to the villages where the tarpoulins have not been delivered.
After market survey and talks with vendors in Jorhat, Guwahati, Kolkata, Silogudi, Ahmedabad and Bangalore, the best option to be provided to the people has been zeroes upon as the following : : 125 gm Tarpoulin sheets of 12 X 15' size. The lowest costs we got for these sheets were as follows:
  • Bangalore | Manufacturer | Rs 234/-
  • Ahmedabad | Manufacturer | Rs 243/-
  • Guwahati  | Destributor  | Rs 250/-
  • Jorhat    | Retailer     | Out of stock
We have decided to make the purchase in Guwahati since it looks both reasonable and feasible. The purchase will be made tomorrow morning and the goods will be moved to Jorhat. Day after tomorrow the relief destribution will commence..
We have only Rs.1,00,399/- collected till now. This is sufficient only for 400 tarpoulins. It will be very meaningful if we can make it at least 1000 sheets.This is the time when you should commit or transfer funds if you have not done so already! Your early decision may help us to increase the number of sheets we are buying and thereby ensure more relief!

Submitted by prabha on Sun, 15-Jul-2012 - 12:17


Volunteers have reached Guwahati to procure Tarpaulin for flood affected areas in Majuli
With active discussions with the district administration at Jorhat, and thorough investigation with locals at Majoli, the volunteers arrived at the conclusion that Tarpaulin sheets is the most required need for now.
The administration stated that they needed atleast 5000 tarpaulin sheets. With the contributions that we have we are donating 800 tarpauin sheets to the affected areas.

The cost per tarpaulin sheets is Rs. 250.

Total funds collected : Rs. 1,31,761 which suffice 527 sheets.

You can make a huge DIFFERENCE.

Please contribute 1,2,5, 10, 20, 25 or more tarpoulin sheets.

Note: The field volunteers on their trip to Guwahati last night encountered an earthquake that happened in Nagaland last night at 01:25 AM, of which they were 100kms from the earthquake. No other issue reported.