Event Log for Project Prayas

Please find the Event Log for Project Prayas!


Submitted by prabha on Tue, 17-Jul-2012 - 00:00


Sankalp Volunteers distributed 442 tarpaulins to villages in Majuli. They identified the villages with the divisional officer from the district administration. The relief materials were distributed to the needy in the presence of our volunteer. The list of villages and number of tarpaulins distributed are as follows:

  • Ratunpur GPU: 371
  • Jubi Gaon: 15
  • Salmara Spur: 36
  • Salmara Spur2(Besmara): 31
  • Colony bari: 19

Breakdown of Ratanpur GPU:

  • Grazing Colony: 32
  • Chinatila: 87
  • Dharnai Chapori: 48
  • Barkhor Goan: 11
  • Na-Pomua: 4
  • Lahon Goan: 7
  • Kathal Kua: 14
  • Kumali Chapori: 18
  • Goroimari: 150

Our volunteers are staying at Majuli today and will commence distribution of materials to other affected areas tomorrow.

Thank you all for supporting our endeavour in trying to reaching out to our countrymen who need our support at the moment.

Due to network interruptions the field team was not able to send any images from Majuli, images will be updated once the team is back to Jorhat.

Submitted by prabha on Tue, 17-Jul-2012 - 12:08


  • Field team will continue the distribution of relief materials today in the remianing villages of Majuli. Hoping to complete the delivery of the current 1117 tarpaulin sheets today.
  • DM of Sibsagar district of Assam has requested for 1000 Mosquito Nets as an immediate requirement. Outbreak of Encephalitis. Decision whether we can support this request or not is to be taken. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encephalitis
  • Based on this data we are considering to extend the fund contribution so that additional contributions can be used to purchase Mosquito Nets. Final decision in 2 hours.

(Please expect images and contribution details by this evening.)

Submitted by prabha on Tue, 17-Jul-2012 - 23:10


All the tarpaulins purchased were distributed at Majuli today.
Most of the villages covered today were visited by our volunteers via boats.

The exact need and scope of the affected areas and required materials for next set of distribution will be analysed tomorrow by field volunteers.

We were unable to receive images from Field team today due to connectivity issues. We are expecting images from the team by tomorrow evening.

We request every individual contributors willing to contribute financially to do so by 6 pm 18th July 2012. The amount received by that time will be utilized for procuring relief materials for flood affected victims. Any amount received beyond that time would be put to fixed deposit for future disasters that we will be participating.

Submitted by prabha on Wed, 18-Jul-2012 - 10:50


Field Team has proceeded to Jorhat from Majuli.

One of the volunteer will next proceed to Sibsagar(1 hr from Jorhat), where they will access the exact need by consulting the district administrator and do some local reseach.

The other volunteer will assess mosquito nets procurement at guwahati.

Details of tarpoulins distributed to villages on 17th July, 2012:

  • Sikari Gaon: 280
  • Lason Dhunagiri: 54
  • Lason Baligaon: 128
  • Putsang: 102
  • Panighati: 65
  • Ratanpur: 17

Submitted by amitsedai on Wed, 18-Jul-2012 - 18:33



The second phase of Project Prayas is coming to a stage that we will have to make the final purchases by the end of the day. Please ensure that if you are planning to make the contribution for Assam Floods, you intimate us and initiate transfer today. We will do an assessment of total funds which we expect to collect at 6:00PM today(18 July 2012) and decide on what to purchase and in what quantity. Thereafter the transport and the distribution will be initiated. We are likely not to go for the third phase as of now. In case any contributions are made post 6:00PM today, and if we are unable to utilise them for the current disaster relief activity, we will be making an FD out of the extra amount and save it as seed fund for next disaster relief program. (We had a seed fund of Rs14,335 from Sahyog: The Project for Relief in Sikkim last year). What if I am reading this post 6:00 PM on 18 July 2012?Please do not be disappointed if you wished to contribute and you see this message post 6:00 PM on 18 July 2012 and you really wanted to contribute. You could let us know that you are interested in contributing towards relief for the victims of disasters, and we will intimate you the minute we set out for Disaster Relief next time. Please do so here: http://www.sankalpindia.net/drupal/sankalp-disaster-relief-partner-program-participation-request-0 What if I had committed to providing some assistance but have still not transferred the amount to Sankalp?We would have taken into account your contribution and made the purchases accordingly. Kindly proceed with the transfer to the account as soon as possible so that we can make payments to the vendors. When will I get the receipt?We have all our people pressed into ensuring relief reaches the right people currently. The process of systematic reconciliation of accounts will start once we stop collecting funds. Kindly give us 15 days to get the receipts back to you. I had made the transfer but I have not received any update.Please mail us immediately at sankalp.admin@gmail.com. Kindly include your mobile number. We have not been able to reach some contributors and hence this request.

Submitted by prabha on Wed, 18-Jul-2012 - 21:37


The field team could not proceed to Sibsagar today as there was a bandh observed due to a recent incident(http://www.sentinelassam.com/state1/story.php?sec=2&subsec=2&id=124925&… ).

While we were waiting for Sibasagar to open, we looked for other areas that are flood affected. On discussion with the district administration of Tezpur district we learnt about few villages neaby Sootea in Sonitpur district where help was required.

One more volunteer from Bangalore has been sent to assist for the relief. The volunteer has reached Tezpur district where he will be visiting Sootea headquarters tomorrow to assess the situation.

We would like to mention that people who have committed for contribution earlier can start contributing as our estimates for procurement are based on the commitment given by you. For those who are looking forward to commit now,please click here

We would like to thank everyone for the support we have been receiving on this initiative.

Submitted by prabha on Thu, 19-Jul-2012 - 12:13


Our volunteers at Tezpur are trying to understand need there. However Tezpur is observing a bandh due to some local incident happening there. Market and vehicle movement is restricted in the area.

Our volunteer is constantly keeping in touch with the district administration as well as NGOs working near Sootea for more details. Villages around Sootea(nearby Tezpur) seem to be highly affected due to floods.

Submitted by prabha on Fri, 20-Jul-2012 - 10:52


From the local news gathered, it was found that there was an embankment on the river which has breached the villages around Sootea. These villages were not normally affected due to floods. There is a large island which has been created where no material other than food has reached. Two days back water rose and people came back to camps. People are staying in camps or embankments. There are people There is a large island which has been created where no material other than food has reached. Two days back water rose and people came back to camps. People are staying in camps or embankments. There are people with cattle who are refusing to leave their homes as they fear their cattle would die.

Our Volunteer has met the DM today and is visiting the affected areas with the circle officer to analyse the requirement.

Submitted by prabha on Fri, 20-Jul-2012 - 22:35


Our volunteers visited flood affected villages with the Circle Officer today. Here are the findings:

  • There was an embankment on Brahmaputra which got breached. The breach is more than 1 km long at places. The breach led water into areas where normally it would not have come. The result, unexpected devastation. 1 lakh people have come out of there homes in the revenue circle of Sootea alone. 52 villages are submerged.
  • Our volunteers visited 20 villages with the Circle Office and the District Election Officer in an NDRF boat. Almost everywhere the roads are submerged (water more than 6-8' high). A lot of people who escaped from the village are residing on the main road at Sootea and the relief camps. The situation there is not good. Inspite of administration providing the essentials, there is dirt and filth, people are free and doing nothing, and the water is not expected to clear out soon. The area has been waterlogged for last 20 days and there is no sign of water receding.
  • This area will repeatedly get flooded as the embankment will not get repaired this season.
  • 120 men of NDRF are leading the relief. They are taking boats to villages and dropping supply beside rescuing people.
  • The district administration have provided relief in terms of food and medicines. From the discussions, the most essential demand from the administration is for tarpauline for shelter in the flood affected areas.

With the available funds we have and more that we could add, we have gone ahead to procure 800 more tarpaulins from Guwahati which are on the way for Tezpur.

Thanks to the people who have supported us in the field to enable us reach this far. Thank you to all the contributors for providing us an opportunity to serve our countrymen who are in distress and need our support.